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Not Your Typical Distribution Company

Part of what allows us to have been the preferred distributor and successful for 30+ years is that we serve as a jack of all trades. From kitting, quality control, customer service, and more, we can service all of our customers' needs in house. This video demonstrates everything that we are capable of doing. 

We’ve recently installed an automated line for our BRIC power distribution module. Thanks to our automation engineer Matt Fuqua, this has significantly reduced the time it takes to build. Prior to assembly and depending on your application, we can label the cover and install different components that house small and large relays and fuses.

We also are able to create all in one kits for our customers. In the video you can see our production team assembling the wiring to a connector for one of our customers. From there, they will be applied to a larger device like the fuel rails or X in the video.

Finally, we are fully committed to getting our orders to our customers in a timely yet detailed manner. We are able to shrink wrap and label all of our customers orders according to industry standards. This allows us to ensure that our customer receives what they ordered on time and in perfect condition. 

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