Bosch High Pin Connectors | High Pole Connectors

Chief stocks and distributes German engineered high pole Bosch Connector systems that feature high cavity and high pin counts. Designed for secure connection with engine management systems (ems), engine control units, fuel management systems, and other essential mobility devices. All compatible terminals, seals, plugs, and tools are available as well as turnkey assembly, assembly, and connector kits.

90 Products

1928405168 Bosch 38-Way Connector

Connector, 38-Way BT

1928405312 Bosch 96-Way Connector

Connector, 96-Way, C

1928404761 58-Way Signal Secondary Lock

Secondary Lock, 58-W

1928404762 96 Way Lock

Secondary Lock, 96-W

1928404773 96-Way Bosch Cover

Cover, 96-Way, Exit

1928404774 58-Way Bosch Cover

Cover, 58-Way, Exit

1928404917 Bosch 58-Way Cover

Cover, 58-Way, Exit

1928404918 Bosch 96-Way Cover

Cover, 96-Way, Exit

1928405068 Bosch Retaining Plate

Retaining Plate, 60-

1928405069 Bosch 94-Way Connector Cover

Cover, 94-Way, Exit

1928405070 Bosch 60-Way Cover

Cover, 60-Way, Exit

1928405072 Bosch 60-Way Cover

Cover, 60-Way, Exit

1928405319 58-Way Bosch Connector Cover

Cover, 58-Way, Exit

1928404916 Bosch 58-Way Connector

Connector, 58-Way, C

1928400952 Bosch 25-Way JPT Connector

Connector, 25-Way, J

1928401962 Clamp for Bosch 35-Way Cover

Clamp, 35/55-Way, Bl