Stud Junction Block | Pass thru studs and Caps

Chief manufactures 3/8"-16 pass thru studs for power transfer through firewalls or bulkheads. These junction block studs are made with glass-filled nylon with nickel plated steel studs, designed for heavy duty equipment. Chief also offers pass thru stud caps and KEPS steel nuts accessories as well as complete pass thru stud kits.

11 Products

7B3731N02 VTE 3/8" Pass Thru Stud

Pass Thru Stud, 3/8"

406N9V14 Black Battery Terminal Insulator

Battery Terminal Ins

3/8"-16 Pass Thru Stud Kit, Black (C1260)

Pass Through Stud Ki

3/8"-16 Pass Thru Stud Kit, Red (C1259)

Pass Through Stud Ki

Pass Thru 3/8" Stud, Black (P612)


Pass Thru 3/8" Stud (P611)