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Chief supplies Bosch water pumps & valves driven by a brushless D.C. motor allowing for a longer service life, quieter operation, improved efficiency, and a smaller and lighter unit. These water circulating pumps, manufactured in Germany, designed for thermal management of engine and electric vehicles and other cooling systems (heaters, generators, turbochargers, controllers & batteries).

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0392023117 Bosch Coolant Pump

Pump, Coolant

1147412076 Bosch Solenoid Valve

Valve, Solenoid

1147412208 Bosch Coolant Valve

Valve, Coolant

0280158854 Bosch Injection Valve

Injection Valve

0392024078 Bosch Centrifugal Pump

Pump, Electric, Bosc

0392022002 Bosch PCA Water Pump

Pump, PCA, Water, 12

0392024041 Bosch Centrifugal Pump

Pump, Centrifugal

Wire Pigtail for 0392022002 Pump C360

Pigtail, 002 Pump, 1


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0392024058 Bosch Brushless Water Pump

Pump, PCE, Water, 12

0392023014 Bosch PAD Water Pump

Pump, Water, PAD, 12