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Chief understands the challenges in today's market— stringent testing requirements, increased functionality in less space, and unwavering go-to-market schedules. Vehicle's electrical infrastructure needs to be flexibile, durable, customizable, and efficient.

Our on-staff engineering and production facility yield specialty wire harnesses, assemblies, modifications, kits, and even custom tooled parts. We are trained by product line and have extensive systems and application knowledge to bring your project to market fast with the latest technology.

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Featured Projects

Custom Tooled PDM

Last minute vehicle feature additions caused electrical requirements to change, but the space to house the components remained the same. So, we designed & tooled a custom PDM in 12 weeks.

Recall Service Kits

Issues in the field call for a quick turnaround. Chief provided 3D printed prototypes in just days and production parts within weeks.

Sealed Plug & Play VCU Assembly

Sometimes standard products aren't the right fit. Chief transformed this off-the-shelf product into a completely sealed solution.

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Technical & Industry Expertise

Lean Operation to React Quickly

Design-in & Application Support

Capacity for Specialty Projects

Inhouse Wire Crimping, Laser Marking & 3D Printing Equipment

Testing Coordination & Technical Documentation

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