Breathable & Robust Interconnection Center

Chief Enterprises introduces the new American-made, patent pending Breathable & Robust Interconnection Center known as the BRIC®. The BRIC® is a family of IP67 sealed power distribution modules designed for the off and on-road OEM that offers in-demand features such as an extremely small footprint, silicone compression seal, and a hydrophobic vent.

Wondering if the BRIC® is right for your application? Below you will find all you need to know about the BRIC® 280 family, from technical documentation to an extensive testing summary.


  • Number of cavities: 24, 48, or 84
  • Mounting: M6 Steel Threads
  • Temperature Rating: -40 to 125C Ambient
  • Terminal Rating: 20A Continous, 30A Intermittent
  • Wire Sizes: 24 to 12 AWG
  • Ingress Protection: IP67 Water & Dust Protection
  • Terminal System: TE MCP 280 Terminals
  • Electrical Load: Up to 360A

Competitive Advantages

  • Hydrophobic Vent
  • IP67 Water & Dust Protected
  • Cover Position Assurance
  • Terminal Position Assurance
  • Extremely Small Footprint
  • Sleek Body Design
  • High Strength Reinforced Body
  • M6 Steel Threads for Mounting
  • One-hand Cover Release
  • Custom Labels
  • Complimentary Laser Marking (1 box min.)
  • Diode Key Available
  • Tether for Cover Available
  • Mounting Brackets Available
  • Bussing Connector Available


  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
  • Construction & Forestry Equipment
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Material Handing Equipment

Customer Testimonial

The BRIC® Saves Glaval Bus a Division of Forest River, Inc. 45 Minutes in Labor

The Chief designed BRIC® paved the way for a complete reconfiguration of the “main brain” of Glaval's speciality shuttle buses.

The Challenge

Multiple components meant multiple challenges. Each component required space in the vehicle, resources to manage inventory, and warranty expenses per part. Further, assembly costs made the OEM inefficient. They needed to simplify.

Seeking a Solution

Glaval presented the dilemma to Chief. “Our Chief Enterprises sales contact introduced us to the BRIC® years ago when it was in prototype. We fell in love with it on the spot.”

The BRIC® Made Sense

With only minimal changes in fuse sizes and the number of fuses, Glaval now had a single unit that could be easily pulled off-the-shelf and plugged into the vehicle. Most importantly, the BRIC® tackled the OEM’s inefficiencies. The BRIC® enabled Glaval to reduce labor by 45 minutes per unit, while saving space and minimizing warranty issues that may have arisen due to missed wiring. Although, “the Glaval staff was initially hesitant about taking on a new product, after seeing the BRIC®’s capabilities, how much space it saved in our electrical panel, along with the clear cost savings, making the decision to switch was a no-brainer.”