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Backed by German engineered Bosch products and in partnership with the Robert Bosch Engineering Group, learn how Chief can provide a complete solution to customize your Stationary Engine ECU System to fit your specific needs.

Engine Control Unit

As the heart of the engine management system, this ECU is designed to adapt to future functionality and is extremely powerful. It controls fuel supply, air management, fuel injection, ignition, and more.

Oxygen Sensor

Effectively monitors and regulates the combustion process to ensure a long engine life and comply with stringent emission regulations.

Throttle Body & Throttle Position Sensor

As an essential part of the engine management system, the throttle body controls the amount of fresh air entering the engine.

Pressure & Temperature Sensors

The temperature and pressure sensor monitor air and engine fluids for optimum performance and economy.

Inductive Ignition System

Ensure highly efficient functionality through precisely controlled ignition timing.

Knock Sensor

Effectively protect your engine by precisely detecting and adjusting potentially damaging vibrations.

Hall Effect / Speed Sensor

Tested and proven engine speed monitoring to achieve optimum operation.

PCE Coolant Pump

This brushless coolant pump features silent operation, extended temperature and power range, and PWM control.

Bosch Connectors

The 112P EMS connector family is tested and proven in various engine applications, featuring a compact yet robust design for a secure connection. Other connectors used in this system include the Bosch Kompact 4 family.

Amphenol Sine Connectors

Chief also stocks Amphenol Sine Connectors, offering a variety of industry standard circular & rectangular connectors for secure connections throughout the system. Amphenol Sine also has the ability to create custom connector solutions.


Ready-to-install power distribution solution, featuring the compact, IP67 sealed 48-way BRIC®

MRS® Smart Solutions

Enhance the functionality of your stationary engine with MRS smart technologies. The 280-style plug-in MicroPlex can turn your fuse box into a smart module by adding essential safety & diagnostic feedback. Or offer your customers in-field monitoring with MRS telematics solutions.

Learn how partnering with Chief can get you to market fast with reliable products & unmatched service

With extensive systems knowledge, Chief coordinates your custom ECU system project from start to finish with design-in support & software development to managing component inventory and creating custom solutions tailored to you.

Supply Chain

We source & manage inventory of all system components, streamlining your supply chain, saving you time and resources.

Complete Customization

Our in-house engineering & production allows for ready-to-install wire harnesses & pigtails, custom labels, laser marking, and kitting.

Technical Support

Gain direct access to our on-staff engineers who can provide design-in support, software development, device flashing, and technical data.

Tested & Proven, Primed for the future

Designed for the future, all components can be retrofitted into high-tech systems and are already tested & proven in the stringent automotive industry.

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