Power Distribution Module | BRIC Accessories

Chief designs and manufactures our own line of sealed power distribution modules (PDM) for use in automotive, electric vehicle, trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, and more. The Chief fuse block known as the BRIC accepts 280 style electrical components such as automotive relays , automotive fuses, circuit breakers, and other plug-in type components. It is IP67 sealed and sports in demand features such as a silicone compression seal, glass filled PBT body material, high impact cover, and a sleek and compact design. The BRIC series is known for it's hydrophobic vent used to reduce pressure from component produced heat without drawing in water or debris. The BRIC series offers many accessories such as CPAs (cover position assurance), TPAs (terminal position assurance), brackets, mounting nuts, and tethers.

8 Products

P1049 External Mount TPA for BRIC

TPA, BRIC 280, Exter

P347-2 Diode Key for BRIC 280 PDMs

Diode Key, 280 PDM

2012B EGIS CT Series Sealed Busbar

Busbar, Sealed, 12 P

P343-1 - Chief TPA for BRIC Base

Lock, TPA, 280

P425 - Side Mount Bracket

Bracket, PDM, Side M

P424 - CE M6 SEMS Screw

Screw, M6, SEMS

P348-1 Tether for use with the BRIC

Tether, PDM, Polyure