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Chief is the sole distributor of Bosch connectors, terminals, and seals serving United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Bosch Micro (BMK) family of 0.6mm terminals are commonly used for signal pins inside ECU connectors as well as automotive sensors.

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1928499421 Bosch BMT Terminal

Terminal, Sn, BMT 0.

1928498016 Bosch BMK Terminal, .5-.75 Sq Mm

Terminal, BMK 0.6, .

1928498007 Bosch BMK Terminal Gold

Terminal, BMK 1.5-D,

1928498006 Bosch BMK Terminal Gold

Terminal, BMK 0.6-D,

1928498003 BMK Terminal, Gold

Terminal, BMK 0.6, .

1928498001 BMK Bosch Terminal

Terminal, BMK 0.6, .