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Vendor Feature: Why We Partner with Mechanical Products

Chief looks for the most reputable vendors for all of our products. We believe that Mechanical Products offers some of the best circuit breakers on the market. This is just one of the many reasons we have chosen to partner with them.

Who is Mechanical Products? 

Mechanical products have been giving exceptional quality and service for over 70 years. Their testing and engineering abilities, along with manufacturing the majority of their parts in the USA have set them apart from competitors. Chief partners with Mechanical Products to provide circuit breakers to the industrial and commercial vehicle industries.

MP Product Lines

Mechanical Products specializes in product development services. This allows a variety of markets to use products created by MP.

  • MP Series 16 is a single-pole thermal circuit breaker. Adaptable for a variety of applications this is a reliable circuit breaker with current interrupt capabilities.
  • MP Series 17 is a high amp circuit breaker with ratings of up to 300 amps ratings. It is designed with a thermoplastic material and water moisture sealing.
  • MP Series 18 have waterproof and ignition protected characteristics. This makes them compatible with heavy equipment, Marine, and trucks/buses.
  • MP Series 19 is a heavy-duty waterproof circuit breaker. This can be used for auxiliary direct circuit electrical systems that operate in harsh environments.
  • MP Series 32 is a shortstop circuit breaker mainly found in applications for trucks, buses, and electrical vehicles.
  • MP Series 53 circuit breaker is designed to join two products together to create a compact and convenient device. It features a switch and breaker in one product. This allows for upstream backup short circuit protection and battery draw prevention to be featured in one device.

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Why Chief Partners with Mechanical Products?

So why do we offer Mechanical Products to our customers? Because they meet and exceed the Chief standards of Quality, Compliance & Innovation.

  1. Quality & Industries

With MP having some of the top circuit breakers, and engineering services they can satisfy many market needs. Industries they serve range from industrial, marine, medical equipment, military vehicles, and more.

  1. Compliance with Industry Standards

Mechanical products have been awarded many certifications to show they meet all industry standards. They are ISO 9001:2015 certified for their management quality systems. Along with this, they have many certifications for testing facilities.

  1. Committed to the Future - Engineering and Testing 

Chief always strives to have the best products now and in the future. Mechanical Products engineers allow for constant improvement to existing products and new designs. 

Mechanical Products also has state-of-the-art equipment for their testing facilities. This allows everything that is tested to be safe and reliable every time while meeting all industry testing requirements.