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Vendor Feature: Why We Partner with Amphenol Sine

At Chief, we offer a variety of connectors that are compatible with many different applications. We always look for the highest quality standards which we have found in Amphenol Sine connectors. Below we will talk about Amphenol Sine, and why we are proud to work with them. 

Who is Amphenol Sine? 

Amphenol Sine was founded in 1967 and has grown to be a leading interconnect company. They are able to design, manufacture, and supply their products all from their production centers in North America and Asia. Their connectors are made of the best quality and are useful in many different markets such as heavy equipment, agriculture, automotive, and military.

Amphenol Sine Product Lines

Amphenol Sine is known for its excellent quality. With on-staff engineers, they also test all of their products to ensure they are made with the best materials and components. These products are also interchangeable with Deutsch, another manufacturer of connectors. 

  • Amphenol Sine AT, ATM & ATP series are all IP67 rated connectors. These have on-staff engineers connectors are great for heavy-duty transportation, marine, or agricultural applications with superior environmental seals and seal retention.  
  • Amphenol Sine AHD Series: Designed in response to the need for a new diagnostic product. AHD connectors are made for both controlled and uncontrolled environmental conditions and are cost-conscious. With these features, these connectors are a great alternative to existing products. 
  • Amphenol Sine ATHD Series are environmentally sealed and made for harsh environments. With safety features such as an integral latch, and precision machined contact technology to maximize durability. This connector would be reliable for any heavy-duty application.
  • Amphenol Sine ATV Series is a more compact connector compared to others. They have thermoplastic housing and built-in contact sealing. These compact connectors are great for on and off highway applications, along with marine, industrial, and agriculture applications. 
  • Amphenol Sine DuraMate Series are environmentally sealed connectors that are made to withstand harsh environments. These are great for off-road applications.

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Why Chief Partners with Amphenol Sine?

So why do we offer Amphenol Sine to our customers? Because they meet and exceed the Chief standards of Quality, Compliance & Innovation.

  1. Quality & Production Technology

Amphenol Sine produces the highest quality connectors. These connectors can be used for many different applications, specifically those in a heavy-duty market. Products made at Amphenol Sine can also be interchangeable with other connectors on the market. 

  1. Compliance with Industry Standards

Amphenol Sine is committed to giving the best possible quality and customer service. They have been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This shows their ongoing dedication to meeting industry standards.

  1. Committed to the Future - Engineering and Custom solutions 

Chief strives to operate at the forefront of technology and is committed to understanding and evolving with today’s changing market. Amphenol Sine also operates with this goal in mind. 

Chief and Amphenol Sine both have on-staff engineers who are committed to reviewing and improving products as the market changes. This also allows for customizations to meet each individual customer’s needs. Both companies can do large and small quantity releases and custom tooled connectors, all while being cost-efficient. It is also possible through Amphenol Sine to get custom labeling, color, and LED technology.