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September 5, 2019

Three Trends Hitting the Turf Care Equipment Market & How You Can Adapt Now

Learn how the Smart BRIC® featuring the MircoPlex® and other smart solutions can help your equipment stay on trend with the Lawn & Garden Equipment industry.

Three Trends in the Turf Care Market

1. Electrification

Similar to the automotive industry, the turf care equipment market is moving towards electrification due to regulations and consumer preferences. According to an OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) interview with Stihl, Inc., many municipalities and residential areas have laws that call for little to no-exhaust emissions and low noise levels, compelling manufacturers of residential and commercial equipment to adapt.

Consumers of electric mowers and tractors will benefit from quieter operation, extended runtimes, hassle-free maintenance, and zero emissions (OPE, Cub Cadet Interview). Moreover, manufacturers are also developing autonomous equipment with the intent to increase consumer safety and convenience.

2. Smart Equipment

Another growing trend throughout the industry is improved technology. Smart devices are all around us and they are making their way to landscaping. For consumers this means integration to their smart homes and for professional fleets, this means having the ability to mine essential data related to equipment location, functionality, and efficiency, as stated in in the OPE, Husqvarna Interview.

3. Options Available

Finally, improved consumer experience is a top priority. OEMs are designing products tough enough to withstand the demanding conditions of landscaping professionals, yet posh enough to satisfy residential consumers. Some manufacturers are achieving this by upgrading transmissions, utilizing heavier-duty components, and offering multiple engine options. While others are integrating technology interfaces and making day-to-day operation easier with upgraded features and easier access to components for maintenance.

The Smart BRIC® Adds Advanced Features & Options

With the standard footprint of two Micro 280 relays, the MicroPlex® transforms the BRIC or BRIC Fusion into an intelligent IP67 sealed module at the lowest possible cost. Implementing a Smart BRIC will allow you to add advanced features and options without sacrificing space and budget.

The Smart BRIC is perfect for:

• Providing diagnostic feedback
• Localizing functionality throughout your equipment
• Adding additional I/O when your main controller is at capacity
• Adding consumer options to your equipment, without committing I/O from the main controller

The Smart BRIC can also be easily designed into electric equipment. Recently joining the MicroPlex family is the 7EY, a smart controller ideal for the electric infrastructure. The 7EY is rated from 9-56VDC and thrives in 48VDC networks. Its 7 I/O are fully configurable as either analog or digital inputs, or high side, low side or half bridge digital/PWM outputs.

Smart BRIC

Other Smart Solutions to Consider

Other technologies to consider include telematics, human-to-machine interface (HMI) devices, connected controllers, and smart relays.

Chief offers telematic technology for the ability to track and store data such as excessive downtime, fuel costs, stolen equipment, and underutilized equipment. These essential data points can help save end users and fleet owners valuable time and resources.

HMI devices increase consumer ease of use and include touch screen devices to display controls and safety & functionality data.

In addition to the MicroPlex, Chief also offers a variety of CAN controllers to house all your I/O or add additional functionality. We also offer and specialize in intelligent relays that include frequency monitor, pulse, time delay, toggle, and voltage monitoring relays.

Why Partner with Chief for Smart Solutions

1. Stock of the Complete System

Chief stocks all the components to make our smart system a reality. From the entire MRS product line to the BRIC family of IP67 sealed power distribution modules, we have the ability to bring your program from concept to production - fast.

2. Design-in & Technical Support

Don’t have the time or expertise to implement smart solutions? Our on-staff engineering will work with you to design-in a complete solution to solve any problem you may face. We have access to all technical data and have the ability to create prototype builds.

3. In-house Programming

We have an in-house programming team to help drive your project from start to finish, accelerating your speed to market. Whether you just need assistance along the way or a complete turnkey solution, Chief is the answer. Other tools include program starter kits and sample programs.

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