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Chief Goes Virtual - How We Moved Most Functions from Onsite to Remote


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak has Forced Change Across Many Businesses including Chief

As COVID-19 rapidly spread across the world and stay-at-home orders forced everyone to adapt to the "new normal", businesses had to do the same. Chief was no exception—for the safety of our employees and customers, we quickly implemented a work from home protocol for our office operations, thanks to these products and services we've been using for years.

Google Products: Chromebook & G Suite™

All employees are equipped with Google Chromebooks that can be easily transported from office to home office. We also utilize G Suite products such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and other G Suite collaboration and productivity apps that make working remotely successful and efficient. G Chat and Google Meet allows Chief employees to interactive face-to-face in real time, sufficiently bridging the gap between office and home office.

Netsuite™ - Cloud-based Business Management System

In addition to G Suite products, Chief has been utilizing Netsuite, a cloud-based platform that integrates ERP, financials, CRM, e-commerce, inventory, and more, for over a decade. We are able to securely access our back office operations anytime, anywhere. We also work closely with our third party provider, GoVirtualOffice, to maximize the power of Netsuite.

Grasshopper™ - Virtual Business Phone System

Another service that Chief previously administered across all job functions is Grasshopper, a virtual business phone system that allows employees to make and receive business phone calls from their mobile phones. With no need for office land lines and Grasshopper's ability to set separate phone numbers and working hours, Chief employees are able to field work calls without sacrificing the privacy of their personal phones and time, remotely.

SolidWorks™ - 3D Design & Engineering Software

As one of our more complex business functions, Engineering proved to be one of the more challenging departments to move remotely. However, with the previous products listed coupled with SolidWorks we were able to transfer more than 80% of our engineering activities to our home offices. SolidWorks is an innovative 3D Design program that also allows for collaboration among team members.

Virtual Team Building Activities

Although we were able to seamlessly transfer to remote operations, there is one thing that is extremely difficult to replicate in a virtual setting— the camaraderie of the office. In order to combat this as best we can, we have also implemented virtual team building activities including a Quarantine Step Challenge, virtual trivia nights, and art recreation challenges. We know in the near future we will be back together, but for now, we use these activities to instill some fun in the day-to-day life of isolation.