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Navigating Growth & Compliance: Chief Enterprises México Joins Forces with Index Chihuahua

In a significant stride towards growth and compliance, Chief Enterprises México S. DE R.L DE C.V (CEMEX) has been accepted into the Index Chihuahua Association, a collective that supports the export and manufacturing industries and represents 70% of Chihuahua, Mexico’s plant facilities.

Index Chihuahua Association

Founded in 1984, the Index Chihuahua Association serves as a dynamic platform that advocates for the interests of the export industry in the Chihuahua region. Beyond acting as a bridge between local authorities and society, Index Chihuahua offers a space for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building. CEMEX’s decision to join this association demonstrates its keen understanding of the benefits that collaborative initiatives can bring to the table.

Prioritizing Compliance: CEMEX’s Vision

One of Chief’s primary motivations behind joining the Index Chihuahua Association was to fortify its commitment to compliance in critical areas, such as foreign trade, accounting, and fiscal matters. By becoming a part of this association, CEMEX gains access to a reliable source of information, guidance, and best practices that can help navigate the intricate landscape of regulations. 

Unveiling Opportunities: Training, Resources, and More

While pursuing its primary objective of ensuring compliance remains up to date, CEMEX unveiled more opportunities that align with its growth aspirations and commitment to corporate responsibility. CEMEX will also have access to specialized training programs and tap into local health, environmental, and security resources. 

Paving the Way Forward: The Future of CEMEX

As Chief Enterprises México becomes a member of the Index Chihuahua Association, it is poised to amplify its impact and set new benchmarks for excellence. This association not only opens doors to collaboration but also paves the way for CEMEX to strengthen its position in the global market and contribute to the economic development of Chihuahua.