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April is National Lawn & Garden Month: Components Used in Lawn & Garden Equipment

April is National Lawn & Garden (L&G) Month, and the perfect opportunity for us at Chief to highlight a few of our products that fit into L&G equipment. As more and more people make it a point to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, it is also an important time for OEMs in the lawn & garden industry. With the arrival of spring, many are considering upgrading or purchasing new equipment to enhance their outdoor spaces. Explore our range of components designed to improve the efficiency and functionality of your lawn care and gardening equipment.

BRIC Base, Cover & Accessories

Our BRIC power distribution module line was designed to integrate automotive relays, fuses, and circuit breakers into a single unit with the smallest footprint, a perfect fit for any lawn & garden equipment where space is at a premium. For even more compact areas, our BRIC mini stands out as a compact powerhouse, cleverly designed with rotated cavities to accommodate more components.

Chief designs and manufactures the complete BRIC lineup, which includes the BRIC 280, the BRIC Fusion, and the BRIC mini. These modules accommodate both low and high amperage plug-in components and come equipped with industry-sought features such as an optional hydrophobic vent, a silicone compression seal, and high impact covers.

Hongfa Relays

At Chief Enterprises, we're proud to present a variety of Hongfa products, from automotive relays to power relays available in both 12V and 24V configurations. In the lawn & garden industry, our best selling Hongfa products include the compact micro and mini relays, designed to occupy minimal space within an electrical system. These smaller relays are perfect complements to our BRIC mini, making Chief your one-stop shop for all your component needs.

Amphenol Sine Connectors

Amphenol Sine connectors, specifically the A Series — which includes the AT, ATM, ATP Series, among others — are widely used in L&G equipment. These connectors are cost-effective and sealed, available in plastic or metal, and can accommodate up to 18 positions with a current capacity of up to 25A. They are also designed to be compatible with existing connectors on the market. Their compact size and affordability make them an excellent choice for the lawn and garden markets, blending functionality with efficiency.

Relay Connector & Fuse Holder

Lastly, our Chief-designed ATO/ATC Fuse Holder and Mini ISO Relay Connectorare built with push-to-seat terminals and optional Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) for enhanced terminal retention and simplified wire processing. This design ensures compatibility with commonly used components, allowing for integration into both new and existing systems. Similar to our BRIC mini, these components are crafted with space constraints in mind, ensuring that all necessary elements fit within the system. Constructed with a high-impact nylon body, a silicone radial seal, and a built-in grip for easy relay removal, our fuse holder and relay connector are suited for challenging environments.