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April 10, 2018

Chief Stocks Alternative Solutions to Obsolete Omron Relays

Chief stocks and distributes Hongfa automotive relays that can be used in lieu of obsolete Omron relays.

Obsolete Omron Relays

An industry-wide dilemma has been the recently obsoletion of several Omron relays. If you are looking for an alternative avenue for these Omron relays, we have a solution for you. Chief stocks and distributes the following Hongfa relays that are drop-in replacements for obsolete Omron relays:

Omron Series G8VA, Ultra 280 Relay can be replaced by Hongfa Series HFV11

Omron Series G8V, Micro 280 can be replaced by Hongfa Series HFV9

Omron Series G8V-RH, Micro HC 280 can be replaced by Hongfa Series HFV9-G

About Hongfa

With over 30 years of industry experience, Hongfa is one of the world’s leading relay manufacturers known for their exceptional quality and constant innovation. Headquartered in China, HongFa has 10 locations, including the largest Chinese relay research and development center. Hongfa is dedicated to improving capability at unmatched quality, their relays are tested and proven against all industry standards, some of which they had a hand in creating.

Chief has partnered with Hongfa to stock and distribute automotive, signal, latching, and power relays to the transportation and related markets. Find a variety of parts available on our website or contact us today to see how we can do more for your business with Hongfa relays.