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April 22, 2019

Chief Attends Nikola World 2019

Chief attends Nikola World 2019 as a member of the revolutionary manufacturer's supply chain.

Nikola World 2019

Nikola Motors, a hydrogen-electric vehicle manufacturer hosted “Nikola World”, a product launch event, at WestWorld of Scottsdale to unveil five new zero-emission products they’ve added to their arsenal.

The products included the Nikola Tre, a hydrogen fuel cell truck for the European market, the Nikola WAV, an electric personal watercraft, the Nikola Reckless, a military all-terrain vehicle, and the Nikola NZT, an off-highway vehicle. Headlining the event was the introduction of the Nikola Two, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Class 8 Truck for the North American market.

The Nikola Two features up 1,000 horsepower, up to 2,000 ft-lbs in torque, a range of 500-750 miles, and 0-60MPH acceleration in 30 seconds. The Nikola Two follows the Nikole One an electric semi-truck concept that was revealed in 2016.

Nikola Motors also designs and produces electric vehicle drivetrains, energy storage systems, and hydrogen stations. In addition to introducing the Nikola Two, they have promised to provide 1 million miles of hydrogen fuel and maintenance services.

A couple of Nikola’s driving forces and top customers Anheuser-Busch and Ryder also sponsored the event. Anheuser-Busch has pre ordered 800 Nikola Two cab models as a part of their pledge of a 100 percent emission free fleet by 2025. While, Ryder has come aboard as a logistical partner and will provide all sales and service warranty coverage.

Nikola Motors & Robert Bosch

The highly anticipated two day event consisted of presentations from top executives, vehicle demonstrations, and supplier technological demonstrations to an audience of over 2,000 people from 49 countries.

Among the suppliers was the Robert Bosch Corporation, a Chief Enterprises partner for the past 25 years. Bosch provides several solutions to Nikola including the fuel cell powertrain, Mirror Cam system, Perfectly Keyless and the Servotwin steering system. As the sole North American distributor of Bosch connection systems, Chief Enterprises supplies the Bosch 3XX-way Commercial Vehicle (CV) Connector System that interfaces with the Fuel Cell Control Unit used by Nikola.

The 3XX Way CV Connection System Supplied by Chief

The 3XX way CV Connector System was designed and tested for the current and future generations of commercial vehicle power control units. The 3XX way is a cost-effective solution featuring a reduced footprint and high pin density for significantly increased control unit functionality. Its flexible design permits multiple wire directions, while it's IPX6K, IPX9K seals and secondary locking ensure a completely secure unit. Chief is proud to represent high quality German engineered Bosch connection systems and is excited to be a part of the future of mobility through Nikola Motors.

For more information about the Bosch connection systems and how the 3XX way can propel your vehicle into tomorrow, contact us today at sales@chiefent.com.

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