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October 29, 2018

Thank You for Visiting Us at the Novi Engine Expo!

We would like to thank those who stopped by the Bosch Mobility Solutions booth at the Novi Engine Expo to learn about Bosch Connectors and how Chief solely supports the line in North America. For those of you who couldn't, here's what you missed!

Bosch™ Connector Parts

We showcased the complete line of robust low and high pole Bosch™ connector systems including corresponding terminals, seals, and accessories. Bosch™ connectors are ideal for numerous applications including connection to sensors, fuel injectors, eSteering, ECUs (engine control units), ESP, DASy, Airbag ECU, iBooster, eAxle, and more. Their versatility in mating devices makes them a superior choice for automotive, electric vehicles, and commerical vehicles.

What's more, as mobility moves towards complete connectivity and electrification, Bosch™ connectors continue to evolve to best suite the future. Bosch™ connectors are trending towards miniaturization of design, increased functionality, high current options for electrification, and improved workability and efficiency.

Our Partnership with Robert Bosch™

Chief began our relationship with Bosch™ nearly 25 years ago as a contracted warehousing & distribution partner. We continued to manage different projects, as a value-added service provider until we became the master distributor of Bosch™ relays. In 2008, we became the sole North American distributor of Bosch™ connector parts and today we support the line with sales, distribution, engineering, and quality personnel.

Novi Engine Expo