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Case Study: Backup Alarm with Custom Pigtail

At Chief we hear our customer’s challenges and present the best possible solution. 

Customer Challenge:

In this case study, our customer designed-in a backup alarm, but needed a custom connection.

Chief Solution:

After meeting with the customer, Chief’s solution was to source a high quality back-up alarm from Seger A.S and design and assemble a custom pigtail with an Amphenol Sine connector

Chief has long standing relationships with these two vendors, allowing us to obtain the best pricing on subcomponents and reduce lead time by warehousing the product. Furthermore, our engineering team leverages cloud based CAD software for ease of collaboration on design projects just like this one. And finally, our assembly activities take place right outside of Chicago in Elmhurst, IL allowing for a quick turnaround. That’s the Chief advantage!

The Chief Advantage:

  1. Relationships with component manufacturers reduce lead time and allow for best pricing
  2. Engineering team uses cloud CAD software for ease of collaboration
  3. Assembly facility is located in Elmhurst, IL allowing for a quick turnaround

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Want to know more about our key vendors?

Chief partners with industry leading component manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest quality electrical systems. 

About Seger A.S.

Seger Horns, located in Bursa, Turkey, is one of the top ten horn manufacturers in the world. They produce backup alarms, electromagnetic, electronic, and air horns. These automotive horns are designed to meet all EC quality standards and are supplied to some of the most reputable OEMs that produce passenger cars, electric vehicles, specialty vehicles, and motorcycles.

About Amphenol Sine Systems

Amphenol Sine was founded in 1967 and has grown to be a leading interconnect company. They design and manufacture high-performance interconnect systems for a range of applications including automotive, heavy-truck, construction, electric vehicles, industrial equipment and more. Chief stocks Amphenol sine A series connectors.