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Are Amphenol And Deutsch Connectors Interchangeable?

Yes, Amphenol Sine connectors and Deustch connectors are interchangeable.

The Amphenol AT Series™ , ATP Series™ and AHD Series™ connectors were designed as high-performance, cost-effective solutions for the Construction Equipment, Agricultural Equipment, Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, Alternative Energy and other demanding interconnect architectures. All series of connectors (AT, ATP, AHD) are compatible with all other existing industry standard products. The Amphenol A Series™ connectors will mate with Deutsch D style connectors and vice versa.

Finding Deutsch Connector Cross Reference on Chief's Website

To find Deutsch connector cross reference follow these instructions on the Chief website:

1. Search by Deutsch or Amphenol Sine Part Number

2. Scroll Down & Click on Competitors Tab

3. Find detailed Information Regarding Cross Reference

About Amphenol Sine Systems

Amphenol Sine was founded in 1967 and has grown to be a leading interconnect company. They design and manufacture high-performance interconnect systems for a range of applications including automotive, heavy-truck, construction, electric vehicles, industrial equipment and more. Chief stocks Amphenol sine A series connectors.