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Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Seger Horns & Warning Devices


This specific device made by Seger can simulate any sound based on the application or upon customer request. Typically applied in electric and hybrid vehicles which would otherwise be hard to audibly detect, the AVAS system allows a manufacturer to choose the desired audio file and that sound will be emitted from the AVAS system, providing safety for people and other vehicles. It is also now an industry standard and mandated as noted in ECE-R138 of the United Nations. The two main types are Active AVAS which has its own control unit and Passive AVAS which connects to a vehicle's existing ECU.

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Competitive Advantages of the Seger AVAS

  • UDS & Bootloader Implementation Available
  • Compliant with Government Regulations - Compact Footprint
  • IP67 Sealed Dust & Water Protection - Customizable
  • Compatible with Industry Standard Connector - ISO 26262:2018 Functional Safety for ASIL A Available
  • Cost Competitive - Cybersecurity Development Available
  • Durable & Stable Construction - Custom Labeling Available

Main Technical Specifications:

Operating Voltage Range 9-16 VDC Current Consumptionmax. 0,5A Sound Pressure Level 75±10dB (A) @ 1m Frequency Range 160 Hz - 5 kHz Operating Temperature-40 to 85 ℃ Operating Relative Humidity 30 to 95% Speaker Durability> 200 hours CAN Communication CAN 2.0 / max. 1 Mbps Speaker 4Ω Sample Rate / Bit Depth 44.1 KHz / 16 & 32 bits Operating Vehicle Speed 0 to 20 or 32 km/h Vibration 3g Protection Class IP67 15 min at 15 cm Target Weight 420 gr Size 128x92x99mm Main Materials Magnet, PBT