HFV6/012ZS-TR(257) Hongfa 12V Relay

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Relay, Micro ISO, 12

Product Description

Description: This automotive relay from HongFa is compact and capable operating at up to 30 A and 12 VDC. This micro ISO relay is plastic sealed and designed with a transient suppression resistor and a Form C contact. Ideal for Lighting Control, Headlight Control, Electrical Magnet Control, Air-Conditioning, Heaters, Fan Motor Control, Fuel Pump Control, Wind Motor Control, Etc. RoHS & ELV Compliant.

Product Specifications

Form: SPDT (1 Form C)

Product Information

Manufacturer: Hongfa America, Inc.

Product Type: Micro ISO Relays

Standard Lead Time (Days) From Manufacturer: 133

Logistics Data

Manufacturer Country: China

Standard Lead Time (Days) From Manufacturer: 133

Tariff Code: 8536.41.0050

Shipping From: Elmhurst, IL

Box Quantity: 600

Competitor Cross Reference

Interchangeable Part Numbers (Comments refer to differences in Chief's Part Numbers):

Competitor Part NumberCompetitorCommentsDirect Replacement
108-1AH-V-R1-12VDCSong ChuanMicro, form c instead of low profile micro, form a.No
A11ASQ12VDC1.2DCITForm c and 1.5W coil power instead of form a and 1.2W coil power.No
A11CSQ12VDC1.2RCIT1.5W coil power instead of 1.2W coil power.No
A11CSQ12VDC1.5CITAdded suppression resistor.No
PC782-1C-12S-XPickerAdded suppression resistor.No
PC782-1A-12S-R-XPickerForm c instead of form a.No
4RD 933 319-007HellaPlastic seal instead of flux tight. No lock tab.Yes