0392022002 Bosch PCA Pump

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Pump, PCA, Water, 12

Product Description

Description: Water-circulation pump with D.C. motor. It is a rotary pump with solenoid-operated coupling and no sealing between motor and pump unit, making in leakproof. It is robust and versatile, and can be used in a variety of applications including battery cooling, thermal management of electric and hybrid vehicles, and other cooling applications.

General Specifications
Voltage: 12 V
Direction of Rotation: Right
Weight: 1 kg
Enclosure: IP 5 K 4
Type of Duty: Continuous
Nominal Pressure: 30000 Pa
Nominal Flow: 1200 L/h

Product Information

Manufacturer: Bosch

Standard Lead Time (Days) From Manufacturer: 120

Logistics Data

Manufacturer Country: Germany

Standard Lead Time (Days) From Manufacturer: 120

Box Quantity: 5