Breathable & Robust Interconnection Center - Fusion

Chief Enterprises introduces the newest member of the BRIC® family, the Fusion. With 19 different possible configurations, the Fusion is completely customizable and has the ability to house both low and high amp components by way of ultrasonic welded inserts. Sporting the same rugged and compact build as the 84-way BRIC®, the Fusion is IP67 sealed and has been tested and proven in the most unforgiving elements.

Chief Assembly

1. Select A Frame

Choose between two high strength reinforced frame options.

Select A Frame

These high strength reinforced frames are available in two configurations: 24 ATM cavities or 16 ATO cavities. The frames sport the same rugged and compact build as the 84-way BRIC® and are equipped with M6 steel threads for mounting.

BRIC Inserts

2. Select Two Inserts

To complete your Fusion base, choose 2 inserts from four options.

Select Two Inserts

To complete your Fusion base choose 2 inserts from four options to be ultrasonically welded to your selected frame. Insert configurations include 2 Maxi Fuses & 1 Maxi Relay, 4 Maxi Fuses, 30 ATM cavities, and 6 ATO cavities & 1 mini ISO relay.

3. Shop Accessories

Customize your Fusion with laser marking, TPAs, and more.

Shop Options & Accessories

Customize your BRIC® Fusion with options and accessories including covers, TPAs, and more. The Fusion utilizes the large BRIC® cover and is available with optional hydrophobic vent, cover position assurance (CPAs), and laser marking. Other accessories include terminal position assurance (TPAs), tethers, mounting brackets, and custom labels.


  • Dimensions: 155.3 x 62.0 x 65.0mm
  • Number of Configurations: 19
  • Mounting: M6 Steel Threads
  • Temperature Rating: -40 to 125C Ambient
  • Ingress Protection: IP67 Water & Dust Protection
  • Terminal Systems: TE MCP 2.8, TE MCP 6.3, TE MCP 9.5, Metri-Pack 800 Series


The BRIC® Fusion has the possibility of 19 configurations with two base options and four insert options.

Base Options

Choose from two frames options: 16 ATO cavities or 24 ATM cavities

Insert Options

Then select two inserts from four options to be ultrasonicly welded into your custom BRIC® Fusion. Insert options include: Maxi Combo Insert (2 Maxi Fuses & 1 Maxi Relay), Maxi Fuse Insert (4 Maxi Fuses), 280 Insert (30 cavities), and a ISO Relay ATO Insert (6 ATO cavities & 1 Mini ISO Relay).

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Competitive Advantages

  • Hydrophobic Vent
  • IP67 Water & Dust Protected
  • Cover Position Assurance
  • Completely Configurable
  • Ultrasonic Welded
  • Sleek Body Design
  • High Strength Reinforced Body
  • High Impact Plastic Cover
  • One-hand Cover Release
  • M6 Steel Nuts for Mounting
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity
  • Diode Key Available
  • Tether for Cover Available
  • Mounting Brackets Available
  • Custom Labels & Laser Marking Available


  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
  • Construction & Forestry Equipment
  • Powersports
  • Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Transportation
  • Material Handing Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)